Nartkan Furniture, which started its journey in 2009 as a brand in the furniture and decoration sector, has become one of the leading manufacturers of our country today. We have two manufacturing branches in Turkey and two retail stores in New York. Since its foundation, Nartkan Mobilya, which gives importance to quality, comfort and aesthetics and has gained the favor from every walk of life both in the country and abroad with its unique designs, has accomplished a great success in a short time.
Our main principle is to be able to contribute to the beauty of the places you live. We have adopted the principles of reliability, righteousness, fulfillment of the promises, respect for human, development of good relations, protection of the environment and being the best. These features are the basis of our company since the day it was first established.
Since our foundation, our aim is to improve the quality constantly, increase productivity, continuous design vision and customer satisfaction. It is the foundation of our belief and personality to give importance to customer satisfaction today just as in the past.
Nartkan Mobilya has been and is still working as a business partner with many companies abroad for the purpose of growth within these considerations. It does business in many countries other than Turkey such as United States of America, Dubai, Qatar, Algeria and Morocco.
There are also two sales outlets on furniture and home gift items with a covered area of 500 m2 in USA Newyork. As Narthen; we export souvenir manufactured in Turkey as well as provide service in the fields of furniture, home and office decoration.
We are conscious of our mission, we feel at ease because of the work we do. We are for the best, the best for you.
Our designers work for the status, comfort, pleasure and modernity by NARTKAN products to your house and workplace.
Our engineers endavour to make NARTKAN products useful, high quality and long lasting by adding new mechanisms to the aesthetics and stability of its products.
Our manufacture team is trying to grant privileges by NARTKAN products to your houses and workplaces. We act in a way what our customers and staff expect from a responsible brand and we are working to meet these expectations.
NARTKAN is happy with the pleasure provided by ten thousands of furnitures produced by its employees more than 50 since 10 years.